Campus Caddie Launches Supportive Concierge Services this Fall

Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL Co-Founders, Michael Underwood, and Allen Beyer are helping make college safer and simpler for students and parents enrolled at FSU, TCC, and FAMU with the launch of Campus Caddie, a web, and mobile-based college concierge solution. 

“Being parents ourselves, we have an unwavering commitment to making the college experience safer and simpler. Knowing first hand some of the obstacles and challenges that present themselves while students are away at college, we developed Campus Caddie, a cost-effective and reliable resource to further the student’s independence and give parents the assurance that they have an advocate for them throughout the college experience,” stated Co-Founder Michael Underwood.

With just a simple login from a smartphone or computer, parents and students can access and request a variety of supportive concierge services offered 24/7 to make the college experience safer and simpler.

Some of the Service Requests Available 24/7 through Campus Caddie Include but are not limited too:


Technical Support


A service that delivers students a temporary backup loaner device (Mac or PC) in the event their computer breaks down. 


Health & Wellness Packages


A service available to help comfort a student during periods of illness. The Health and Wellness kit is delivered stocked with over the counter cold and flu medication, fluids to stay hydrated, and more. 


Safe Ride


As an added benefit for being a member, Campus Caddie also offers parents and students access to FREE rides home during peak hours on the weekends, to help keep them off the roads and safe from alcohol-related driving incidents. 

These include College Town, Tennessee Street, College Avenue/Ruby Diamond, and the Doak-Campbell Stadium areas. 

Campus Caddie is now taking reservations for Fall 2019. Both Semester and Annual Coverage Options are available for purchase. The semester coverage includes (6) service credits, and the annual coverage includes (12) service credits. 

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About Campus Caddie:

Campus Caddie was developed by parents that have experienced first hand the anxiety of having their child leave home to go away to college and provides supportive concierge services designed to make college safer and simpler for students.

Michael Underwood and Allen Beyer founded Campus Caddie. Both of which are proud FSU Alumni and current Boosters.