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Campus Caddie was developed by parents that have experienced first hand the anxiety of having their child leave home to go away to college and provides supportive concierge services designed to make college safer and simpler for students.

Our mission is to provide an invaluable problem-solving platform for students and parents whose children attend college away from home. Being parents ourselves, we have an unwavering commitment to making the college experience safer and simpler. Knowing first hand some of the obstacles and challenges that present themselves while students are away at college, we developed this cost effective and reliable resource to further the student’s independence and parents the assurance that they have an advocate for them throughout the college experience.


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“We’ve got this” we said to each other. And then… after we got her all moved in and said our last goodbyes, we got in our empty SUV and started our 3 hour ride home.

Wow! That ride is one we will never forget. There were tears, and there were questions, and a little bit of panic. Did we leave her with everything she needed to live away from home? Will she get homesick? What if she gets actually sick?? Most importantly, who can we turn to if she needs help until we can get to her? It was as if suddenly all the things we hadn’t considered can flooding in all at once, but it was time. She was becoming independent, and all we could do was hope that we raised her with all the tools we could to get through it in one piece without struggling too much.

What we learned in her firsts two years was simply this: There were times we could not get to her quickly enough. After that experience, I felt like there had to be a better way to make this transition easier for kids and parents, while still respecting the importance of this transition in the lives of young adults. I have since spent countless hours speaking with other parents who have also struggled during this time, and realized that it must be even worse for the parents of students who are attending college out of state.

This was the genesis of Campus Caddie.

Campus Caddie is designed to reduce this pressure, decrease parental anxiety, and help new students have the best possible chances of success as they get used to new ways of attending school. We are honored to provide this service and the peace of mind we hope to bring to you and your child. Thank you for investing in your child’s future through academic enrichment.

We wish both you & your child a safe and fulfilling college experience, and can’t wait to help make that transition as smooth as possible.

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