What is Campus Caddie?

Campus Caddie is a Premier College Concierge service designed to support parents and students during an important transitional phase in their lives.

When students travel far away for college for the first time, the anxiety and tension experienced by both student and parent is often astronomical. This is coming from our own experience, as Campus Caddie was developed by real life parents of students who went away to college.

We provide supportive services to students so that they can spend more time focusing on their studies and less time worried about the little things as they work to get used to this new way of life. The students we support stand a better chance at achieving exceptional academic performance, and the parents we serve can rest easy knowing that we are here to help in an emergency, even when they are far away.

My child is supposed to learn adult skills now. Isn’t this kind of spoiling them?

Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Let us explain.

When we went to college around this age, things were a lot different back then. There was way less complicated technology, and a lot clearer expectations of us. We had substantially less to accomplish in order to graduate than students these days do, and we got to do it with a lot less technological and logistical headaches.

Times have changed, and our students now are competing harder than we EVER thought possible just to get accepted into these programs. Once they are there, they have to jump through complicated hoops, learn and navigate platform after platform of new faulty technology, and fill out more forms than we even did for our home mortgages. They are forced to deal with so much red tape that we bet ANY of us older adults these days would be extremely irritated with the process… before Day One of trying to enroll was even finished.

This is even MORE true for First Generation graduates. For this reason, Universities across the nation have started coming up with programs to support students not only with academic matters (such as tutoring and more comprehensive academic advisement), but also with medical, technical, and mental health needs that arise for most students during this time. Legally, your student might be an adult now. But developmentally, their brains will still not be fully developed until their mid-twenties. They are developing crucial skills in emotional regulation, executive functioning, and stress management right now. ON TOP OF whatever chosen major they must now learn to master.

Campus Caddie is designed to supplement these efforts even further, to help keep these students safe and focused during this time. Physical safety is only one aspect of this, albeit the most important one. What is ALSO crucial for these students is to maintain good coping skills and psychological wellness. Chronic stress during this time is a HUGE risk for dropping grades, but also for picking up bad habits that can impact them for life. We want to help avoid that whenever possible, so that your student has the best chances of success through school and beyond.

Who is providing the service for my student?

All of our partnered service providers have gone through an extensive vetting process, including a thorough background check and interview to ensure that they are an ideal candidate to engage with your student. We make sure that they have the experience needed to empathize with the problems, solutions, and concerns that Campus Caddie attempts to address with our services. We want real life parents helping out real life parents and students, so we make sure to screen all candidates as scrupulously as possible to make sure this happens.

General Questions

How do I order services?

After you complete your order, you can either request services through your dashboard or look for the link in the header “Request Service.”

What services can I order?

Our full suite of services are available no matter what plan you selected at checkout. Some services will apply to your Service Call Credit balance, and some are included for FREE.

Services that do NOT count against your plan balance include:

Tutoring Referrals, Birthday Wishes, and Safe Ride Program (see ‘Safe Ride’ for more details).

Services that DO count against your plan balance include:

OTC Wellness Packages, Basic Care Packages, Technical Support (loaner devices), Medical Liaison Services.

How many Service requests are included in my plan?

The Annual plan includes 12 service requests, and the Semester plan includes 6 service requests.

Do my requests rollover if I don’t use them all?

Yes! Currently up to 3 unused service requests can be rolled over to the next Annual plan, or up to 1 service request for the “Semester” plan.

For example, if you have an Annual plan and only used 9 of your 12 requests, you can rollover the 3 unused requests to another Annual plan, but only 1 of the unused requests if you purchase a Semester plan for the upcoming semester.

What if I run out of Service Call Credits?

In the event that your student uses up all available Service Call Credits, we offer additional Service Call Credits for use in urgent situations. These must be purchased via our website, and the same terms and conditions will apply as if it were a regular Credit.

Can I use more than one service request in a day?

Yes, you can request more than one service per day! You are not restricted to the number of requests you submit or even by what time of day it is (certain exclusions apply, see “Safe Ride” for more information).

How long will it take for my request to be fulfilled/completed?

Once you login and make your request, a provider will be dispatched to deliver your request within 30 minutes of ordering

Can I purchase a plan as a gift for someone else?

Yes! You are able to purchase our services on behalf of another student, however that student and their parent will have to register and complete the accompanying paperwork in order to finalize this process. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Do I have to pay for any of the medications or gift items in the care packages?

No! The cost of these items (in accordance with your completed profile specifications) are included in the plan cost.  There is no additional charge for these items and remember, the Birthday cake is on us!

Are there any additional fees I can expect when using this service?

The only additional fees would be if you opt for a premium care package over the complimentary basic care package.

Safe Ride Program

How does a member request a ride?

Each enrolled student is provided with the direct cell numbers of the drivers assigned. If they would like a ride home to their residence, they simply send a text of the venue they are visiting, and the driver will reply immediately to confirm the request.

When and where is Safe Ride available?

Each Thursday through Saturday, from 10am to 2:30am the next morning, our drivers will happily provide safe rides home from each of the four entertainment areas around the FSU campus.

These include: College Town, Tennessee Street, College Avenue/Ruby Diamond, and the Doak-Campbell Stadium areas.

How will they know they are getting in the right vehicle?

When the driver confirms a student’s request, they will give the following information via text message:

– Estimated Time of Arrival

– Vehicle Make and Model

– Vehicle Color

– Picture of their Photo ID

Additionally, all of our vehicles will be clearly marked with the Campus Caddie logo, and all of our drivers will be wearing photo ID credentials on branded lanyards.

If this information is not able to be confirmed, your student can be certain that the vehicle they suspect may be there to pick them up is NOT our car and driver, to help keep them safe at ALL times.

This is our promise to you, especially in light of recent news relating to safety concerns with common ridesharing platforms. That’s another reason why we created this service, because these recent safety risks coming up with common ridesharing platforms are absolutely unacceptable to us as parents.

We often visit our child. Can we use Safe Ride also?

Absolutely! We welcome and encourage you to take advantage of this awesome service when you are in town visiting your student at school.